Teaches players how to execute a safe bent-leg slide with proper technique, starting with the basics.

Set Up

  • You can do this drill in the infield or set up in any grassy area.
Players learn how to safely execute a bent-leg slide


  1. Start by having all players sit on the ground and extend one leg out while tucking bottom leg under their knee, forming a figure four. extend their arms overhead and lift their legs slightly off the ground to feel the correct body position and weight distribution. Try extending either leg to see what’s more comfortable.
  2. Players stand up and spread their arms out wide. They imagine kicking an imaginary soccer ball with the lead foot, then bend the opposite leg and sit down on the ground, extending the hands up over the head.
  3. Set a cardboard box, slip-and-slide, plastic tarp or other smooth surface on the ground. Players run half-speed, then break down and slide across the surface.
  4. Finally, players a live slide into a base in the infield or outfield.

Coaching Tips

  • Ask players to wear sliding shorts or other protective clothing
  • Use an unanchored base.
  • Loosen the dirt in the sliding area to reduce friction.
  • Make it harder: Have players hold a softball, water cup or other small object in each hand to avoid bringing their hands to the ground.
  • Make it easier: Coaches can hold the slider’s hands and help lower her down if necessary.