This game uses only the left side of the field (from the second baseman’s fielding position to the left field foul line) to set up specific baserunning and fielding situations for your team to practice.

Set Up

  • Divide your team into three groups .
  • Team 1 includes the catcher, fungo hitter and third baseman.
  • Team 2 includes a center fielder, left fielder and second baseman.
  • Team 3 includes 3 baserunners, lined up behind first base.

Half Field Game Baseball Team Drill


  1. The object of the game is for the baserunners to try and score as many runs as possible (with the help of the fungo hitter).
  2. The first baserunner starts on first base. The fungo hitter hits the ball (either fly or grounder) into the left side of the field, while the baserunner tries to advance.
  3. The defense attempts to make a play on the baserunner.
  4. After three outs, the groups rotate positions. Each team gets three outs (for a total of nine outs per inning).
  5. A hit to the wrong side of the field is an automatic out.
  6. A caught fly ball is an out.
  7. A person can be put out at a base by a force or tag.
  8. Only the team running the bases can score.
  9. Every run scored by the baserunning team is 1 point.

Coaching Tips

  • The fungo hitter should try and hit the ball to open spaces in the field (staying on the left side).