Third to First to Home


To improve throwing accuracy and strength required to throw a ball from third base to first base.

Set up

Divide team into three groups- station one line at third base, first base, and home. 

All players should have a glove. 

Coach stands just in front of home plate with a bat and bucket of balls.


1.  Coach begins the drill by hitting a ground ball to third base. The first person in line at third fields the ball and throws the ball to first.

2. The first person at first base receives the ball and throws it quickly home.

3. Player at home puts the ball back in coaches bucket.

4. After player successfully throws the ball or returns the ball to the coach, they go to the end of their line and the drill begins again with the new players at the front.

5. After all players have had two throws from one position, groups rotate.

Make It Easier

Younger players can start by making the shorter throw from shortstop to first. Then progress toward third base over time to increase the throwing distance.

Make It Harder

Increase the throwing distance by having the third base fielding line start at the edge of the infield behind third base