Outfielders work on catching the line drive and then transferring their weight toward the target.

Drill Setup

  • Player and coach line up 5 to 10 yards apart.

Line Drive Softball Fielding Drill

How it Works

  1. Coach says, “Go.”
  2. Player takes off sprinting across the outfield.
  3. Coach throws a line drive in front of the player.
  4. Player catches the ball on the move, plants, turns and throws it either back to the coach or to another player stationed in the outfield.
  5. Run the drill in both directions.

Coaching Tips

  • Outfielder should be planting hard and then shifting her feet toward the target and throwing.
  • The stride foot, or glove foot, should be pointed straight toward the target.
  • Outfielder must decelerate quickly and then throw her weight back in the direction she came (back toward the target).