This drill covers the proper mechanics for drop stepping with the ball when fielding.

Set Up

  • Outfielder lines up in front of coach.


  1. Coach says “Ready Position.”
  2. Player stands with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, rock side to side, elbows are bent, glove is up, eyes looking in at the imaginary batter.
  3. Coach says “Drop and Go.”
  4. Player performs a drop step and turns and runs back.
  5. Coach throws ball up in the air.
  6. Player catches the ball.
  7. Run drill to both glove and throwing sides.

drop step with ball fielding drill

Coaching Tips

  • Remind players that if their body is not turned while catching, the base runner will gain two extra steps (six feet) while the baseman is repositioning herself to make the
  • This drill can be performed individually by holding a ball, practicing the turning technique and throwing to a net.