Swing 4 Two


Players will try to run out a double, making sure they run and touch the inside corner of first base, in this fundamental drill that focuses on proper running mechanics, as well as speed, agility and sliding.

Set up

- Have the players form a line by home plate

One at a time, they will come up to the plate without a bat

The rest of the team will wait in a single line


1.  When the coach says ‘go’ the first player will ‘air swing’ a bat and begin to run to first base with the objective of getting a double.

2. They must run hard, touch first base, and continue to second base, making believe an outfielder is about to throw the ball to second to tag them out.

3. As they get closer to second base, they will now perform a ‘feet first’ slide into the base to avoid getting tagged out.

Coaching Tips

Players should run hard and not look at the ball, rather listen to their coach for base running help.
As the player touches first base, they should touch the inside corner of the base as they
pivot to run to second base.
All players must slide into second base with one leg bent under the straight leg, landing
on the side of their bottoms.

Make It Easier

Players will not have to slide into second base.

Make It Harder

Players should slide into second base.