Teaches players how to score from second on a base hit.

Set Up

  • Set up three outfielders in their positions, and a catcher at home.
  • The remaining players line up behind second base.
  • Coach stands at home with a bat and balls.
  • Another coach or player acts as third base coach.
Score From Second Softball Baserunning Drill
Baserunners read the third base coach and try to score from second on a hit into the outfield.


  1. Coach hits fungo singles into the outfield.
  2. The baserunner will try to score, unless the third base coach stops her.
  3. Repeat, rotating new players into the baserunning and outfield positions.

Coaching Tips

  • The third base coach should use verbal as well as visual cues to signal to the runner. Both hands up means “Stop.” Windmilling one arm while pointing home means “Keep Going.” Going down on one knee and pointing to the dirt means “Slide.”
  • Make it harder: Line the runners up at first and hit balls deep into the outfield gaps or down the line. The runner will try to score all the way from first.
  • Make it easier: Add an additional base coach at second.