Teaches players when and how to tag up on fly balls.

Set Up

  • You can run this drill in the infield, or just set up four bases in the outfield the appropriate distance apart.
  • Set up three outfielders, and a line of baserunners at first base.
  • Coach stands at home plate with a bat and balls.
Progressive Tag Up Softball Baserunning Drill
Baserunners practice tagging up situations at first, second and third.


  1. The first baserunner in line begins at first base.
  2. Coach hits or throws a fly ball into the outfield.
  3. The baserunner takes a short lead, then a larger lead after the ball is hit.
  4. If the ball is caught in the outfield, she returns to first. If it is not caught, she can advance to second at her discretion.
  5. Reset the drill by moving the baserunner to second base. And the next player in line starting on first.
  6. Repeat steps 2-4, this time with a runners on first and second.
  7. This time, the runner on second can tag up on fly balls to right field.
  8. Reset the drill by moving the baserunners to second and third base. And the next player in line starting on first.

Coaching Tips

  • The majority of the fly balls should be catchable, to give the baserunners an understanding of when and how to tag up.
  • Make it easier: For younger teams, Coach can lob balls to the outfielders from near second base.
  • Make it harder: Establish the number of outs, inning, and score before each play. Teach the baserunners when they should be aggressive and when they should be conservative.