A game-like drill that teaches your players to advance runners and put pressure on the defense. Fielders get opportunities for game situation rep.

Set Up

  • Put a full defensive lineup into the field, including a pitcher.
  • Coaches or parent-helpers will act as base coaches.
  • The remaining players are ready to bat.

Small Ball Softball Baserunning Drill


  1. Place runners on base and call out the situation. For example: • Bunting for a base hit • Sacrifice bunt to move runners from first to second or second to third • Squeeze play with runner at third • Bunt and steal • Fake bunt and slash.
  2. Base coaches signal to the batter and baserunners what to do.
  3. The offensive executes the play while the defense tries to make outs.
  4. After each out, rotate a fielder onto the offensive team and replace her in the field.

Coaching Tips

  • Use this opportunity to evaluate your team’s execution on offense and defense.
  • Identify the situations they need to work on more and the plays that could be most effective for you in real games.
  • Make it easier: Use soft-toss or pitching machines.  Practice these scenarios with “dummy defense” – then progress to live defense.
  • Make it harder: Use live pitching.