Develops quickness and agility out of the batter’s box

Set Up

  • You can run this drill in the infield, or set up a home plate and first base in the outfield the appropriate distance apart.
  • Place an empty tee on home plate.
  • Players line up at home plate.
  • Coach stands 10 feet up the first base line holding a tennis ball.


  1. The first player in line steps up to the plate with a bat and helmet
  2. She swings and hits the top of the tee (no ball is needed)
  3. At the moment of contact, Coach bounces the tennis ball into the ground
  4. The player explodes out of the box, drops her bat and sprints to catch the tennis ball before it reaches the ground
  5. After catching the ball, she sprints through first base, then gives the tennis ball back to the coach
  6. Complete one round with every player. Then gradually increase the distance to make it more of a challenge
Baserunners explode out of the box to catch the tennis ball before it bounces

Coaching Tips

  • If the ball won’t bounce properly, try placing a home plate or other hard, flat surface on the ground to bounce the ball onto
  • You can also do this drill running from first to second, second to third, or third to home
  • Make it harder: Move the ball drop location closer to first base.   Have a contest to see who can make the catch the furthest up the first baseline.
  • Make it easier: Use a larger ball and toss it softly into the air first. The player has to touch it before it bounces twice.