Teaches players how to slide with proper technique, both back to the base and advancing to the next base

Set Up

  • You can do this drill in the infield or set up four bases in any grassy area.

Three Line Sliding Softball Baserunning Drill


  1. The first player at each base starts with a foot on the bag.
  2. Coach calls out “Lead Off” – the baserunner takes a 6-8 foot lead.
  3. Coach calls out “Go” – all three baserunners sprint and make a bent-leg slide into the next base.
  4. The next player steps up, players move to the back of the next line and continue.

Coaching Tips

  • Begin the slide around 6-8 feet away from the bag. Sprint hard and lower yourself into the slide. Do not slow down and lose momentum or you’ll come up short.
  • Extend the top leg forward while tucking the bottom leg under your knee, forming a figure four.
  • Throw the hands up and lean back while gliding into the bag, touching it with your lead foot.
  • Make it harder: If coach calls out “Back” – all three baserunners dive back to the base using proper headfirst slide technique
  • Make it easier: Lay out a flattened cardboard box in front of the base. This will reduce friction and allow players to slide more easily.