A fun, game-like drill that works on baserunning and conditioning.

Set Up

  • Split your players into three teams.
  • One team lines up at home plate as baserunners.
  • The second team lines up behind first base as fielders.
  • And the third team lines up behind third base as fielders.
  • Coach kneels in soft-toss position 10-12 feet from home plate.
Players compete to see how far they can advance before two fielders can reach the hit ball.


  1. The first player on the baserunning team steps up to the plate with a bat and helmet.
  2. Coach soft-tosses to the player. Shemakes a line drive swing, then begins sprinting around the bases.
  3. The first player in both fielding lines immediately sprints to retrieve the ball. Once both fielders touch the ball, the baserunner stops running.
  4. The baserunning team earns one point for every base the baserunner managed to reach.
  5. Repeat with the next player in the baserunning line.
  6. After all players have had a turn, rotate the teams to a new position. Keep track of the points and crown a champion.

Coaching Tips

  • Place a cone in front of each base to help baserunners make the proper turn when approaching the base. Their goal is to try for an inside the park home run.
  • Make it harder: Hit off live pitching instead of soft-toss.   Have the fielder retrieve the ball then make an accurate throw to the coach to stop the baserunner.
  • Make it easier: Hit off the tee instead of soft toss.