One of my favorite practice plans is to set up different stations around the field.   You will need to split the team up into three sets of kids. 3 to 4 kids per set. You will need two buckets of balls, a Tee and two nets.

Station Softball Practice
Station 1
I have a soft toss hitting station, where the kids hit into a net using one arm at at time to hit the ball.
For a right hander they hit 5 with the top hand and 5 with the bottom hand and then hit 5 to 10 with both hands.

Station 2.
Have a Tee set up with deflated soccer and basketballs and they hit the balls off the tee for several minutes or until the third station is finished.
This station will help with quick hands and a quick bat through the hitting zone.

Station 3
The third hitting station is live hitting but the pitcher (coach) stands to the side of the pitcher’s mound and throws to the batter. As a right handed batter, she sees the ball moving outside to inside and swings to hit the ball to the right side of the field on the ground.

For every one she hits on the ground to the right side she gets a point and for everyone she hits in the air and or to the left side she gets an out. After three outs, the batter has to sprint to a designated spot and back, then goes to the field to shag.

These drills help the kids with their swinging technique and gets them to hit the ball up the middle or to the right side of the field. Especially helps when runners are in scoring positions. Plus they have fun with these drills.