The Hammer Drill is a fantastic hitting drill that allows you to feel the proper wrist position for the hit.

The Hammer Hitting Drill

Using a 2×6 and a hammer, have a player grasp the handle of the hammer with both hands, in their hitting grip.

They should swing through, just as they would with the bat in their hand, bringing the hammer to the wood, and then simply tap the hammer on the wood piece. This represents contact on the ball.

Close attention should be paid to the bend in the elbow and the bend in the wrist when you are performing this action.

You can move the 2×6 wood piece around to simulate different pitches — a pitch up the middle, an inside pitch. But the player should still be maintaining the cock in the elbow and the cock of the wrist.

Strength Test

If a player rolls their wrist too soon, they are giving up their power. The strength test included the video below is a great way to demonstrate to your players the affect of the wrist roll and explains what elements to pay attention to so they can fix it!


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