The purpose of this softball pitching drill is to increase the strength of the arm, endurance, and accuracy.


  • Have your pitcher start at the pitcher’s mound and throw two pitches.
  • If she can throw it to the target with ease, she backs up two steps and throws one to two pitches.
  • Again, if she can throw it with ease, she should back up two more steps and throw again.
  • She should continue to progress through this until she struggles to get the ball to her target.
  • She will continue to back up into centerfield if that’s what it takes.
  • Once she reaches her maximum, then she stops and does 25-50 repetitions.

Video Demonstration


Throughout this drill – and all softball pitching drills – your pitcher should remember to stay on her power line, to work on her mechanics and her spin.

When we refer to the spin, we mean this: The ball comes in, hopefully, on a 12/6 rotation—as on a clock, twelve o’clock being on top of the clock, and six o’clock being on the bottom, the ball will have a tumbling effect in line with those two numbers.


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