In today’s video blog post, we are discussing in more detail catcher mechanics, and specifically, the catcher’s “Up” position.

Catcher Mechanics: The “Up” Position

The “Up” position is a mobile position – you need to use this position when there are people on base.

Why do we need to be more mobile when people are on base?

The first reason is that people steal and try to attack you offensively by running. The catcher needs to be able to get from a fielding to a throwing position quickly. When the catcher is in a down position, the weight is down over the hips and it is hard for the catcher to get into throwing position quickly.

The second reason is for “Shift and Block”. The catcher wants to make sure they block every pitch that is thrown into the dirt, so the “Up” position makes the catcher more mobile and able to shift and block the balls that are in the dirt.

Catcher Mechanics of the “Up” position:

  • Legs are spread
  • Weight is on the inside balls of her feet instead of the heels
  • Legs and back are close to parallel to the ground
  • Bottom is up to increase mobility


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