In today’s video blog post, we are talking about catcher plays and the “Pick Off to First”.   A pick off can be done on a pitch out, or it can done on a regular pitch — it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that transition from the up position to the throw. This action has to be quick. So the catcher has to make sure she can do a quick jump turn and control her weight so that she can get a forceful throw to first base.

Catcher Plays for Softball: Pick Off To First

“Pick Off To First” Breakdown-

  • Catcher is in the “up” position
  • As the pitch comes in, the catcher is going to catch the ball
  • The catcher then does a quick jump turn, rotating their hips so that they can be in a good throwing position
  • Controlling their weight, the catcher is going to throw to the base.

** Remember, a good throwing position is having that lead shoulder pointing to the person or base that you are throwing to.

**   On the jump turn, you have to have a good base to throw from. Your weight needs to be back so that you can apply force to the ball.


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