The Change-Up pitch is particularly interesting because it’s almost always the second pitch a pitcher learns, after the basic fastball. And it can be devastating. Because hitting is about timing, and pitching is about upsetting timing. What better way to do that than throw a pitch that looks like it will be fast but comes in slow?

The change-up pitch is a “must” for all pitchers. When thrown correctly, a good change-up can not only intimidate a batter, but it also puts the pitcher in control of the game.

The change-up pitch does offer a change-of-speed alternative, but more importantly, it gives a pitcher an exceptional psychological tool to keep batters guessing. The pitcher always knows what pitch she is going to be throwing… but batters on the other team always have to be on edge, “What is she going to throw at me now?” If you can throw a change properly, your effectiveness as a pitcher can greatly improve!

Sometimes hitters see the changeup as it comes in and have time to reset. But that rarely results in a great hit. It tends to yield more of an arm swing, which results in ground balls and pop-ups – both acceptable outcomes for the pitcher.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: The Change-Up Pitch For Younger Players

In today’s video blog post, we demonstrate some alternative ways to teach your young players to throw the change-up pitch, so that they can become more confident in their pitching and gain an edge over the hitters they face.


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