These are two drills I use often at the end of practice.   They emphasize coaching fundamentals of softball which are critical for success. My players enjoy these drills and even ask for them!

Center Field Drill
I like to get a line in center field, a girl on second, and one at home. Hit the ball to center field who throws it to second base and the girl on second throws it home. Then the girl in center field rotates to second, second to home and home to centerfield. The whole team has to complete the drill in a certain amount of time. I have 12 girls in the 11-12 year range and give them 90 seconds to go through the whole team or they have to run a lap.

Fielding Ground Balls
The purpose of this drill is to teach young players to get their body in front of the ball.
Have the player get in the “ready” position.
Throw a ground ball to them, but they have to move their mitted hand around the back side of their body, low, and in between their feet, with the top of the mit to the ground open side facing the ball, to catch the ball.

The girls think it is funny but it teaches them to center their body in front of the ball to catch the ground ball.