Since I’ve been coaching softball for a number of years, I have some favorite ideas on coaching strategies and drills that are time tested AND work well.   Try these tips with your team and see how they improve your team.

Power of Positive Feedback

I always try to encourage my team to think positive. For example, if they miss a ball, don’t look at it as a bad thing and beat themselves up over it. Rather, accept that the ball was missed and look at why they missed it and how to improve it for next time after it is thrown to the right place.

Also get them to visualize their desired outcome, e.g. hitting the softball into the outfield, rather than thinking negative where they are not as confident and could be more likely to miss the ball or not hit a great hit.

Pitching Machine Competition

I like to place my pitching machine on the edge of the outfield and then turn the pitching area into home plate. We have 200 foot fences and not all of my 10 year olds can reach it.

I give them all 10 pitches, the player with the most homers gets a candy bar and a ice cold coke. The kids and parents love it.

Fielding Drill

This fielding drill has worked to keep my girls moving and throwing.

Everyone line up at 3rd. First girl fields a ball throws to first, sprints to SS fields and throws,sprints to 2nd fields and throws,sprints to 1st fields and tags bag. As the first player is sprinting between bags I start with the next player fielding at 3rd.

Very fast paced and my players love this drill.