Here are a couple of ideas for you to use while you’re coaching softball this year. The first ideas is a drill called Super Six.   It works on footwork and coordination. My motivator for the team is play money bucks to be used at an auction at the end of the season.

Super Six
I call this drill super six!
Start at cone # 1 run forward about ten feet to cone # 2 field a ground ball: now its a drop step and run to cone # 3 about ten feet back for a fly ball: repeat the ground ball and fly ball: and repeat ground ball and fly ball to complete the drill. The player gets three ground balls and three fly balls in this drill. This is a quick drill that works on foot work and coordination. To make this clear: the cones are set ten feet apart, front to back with the back cone being on a slight diagonal each time.

My girls have enjoyed this drill while improving each time the drill has been executed.

Season End Auction
Every year I coach a team, I do an auction at the end of the season with the girls.

Throughout the season when the girls do good things such as making great catches, getting hits in games, motivating their teammates etc., they get these play money bucks.   They are for positive incentive or for rewarding good performance.

At the end of the season, we have an auction.   I buy many different gifts that are they can bid on against each other.   I get all different prizes from softball earrings to candy jars. I even have real bidding sticks.   The girls have always loved doing this regardless of their age!!