This is one of those softball practice games that will grab the attention of your younger players, keep them motivated AND at the same time work on building their skills.

Barney Softball
For younger boys or girls, line them up at short stop, third or 2nd base in groups of 3 or 4.

Make each group a team.

Then set up a chair with a large stuffed animal like a Barney facing them on 1st base.

Kids get 5 points for knocking him off the chair and 1 point for hitting the bag, chair or Barney but did not knock it over.

Each group rotates so each position has the same chance of getting the easy points.   Ex. being closer to 1st.

The kids don’t realize they are working on their strength, accuracy, and speed.   The kids love this drill.

As a fun bit, if the kids aren’t hitting it I turn the Barney around and stick the backside to them and it even got them going even more.

Great drill!