In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating the Drop Curve softball pitching drill. You’ll see what the pitch looks like through your hip, as well as in real time. It’s very similar to the regular drop, but has a different finish. We also have a comparison of different pitchers throwing the same pitch and the difference in body mechanics. So let’s jump right in!

Breaking Down the Drop Curve Softball Pitching Drill

– The grip for the Drop Curve will be the same grip you use for your Drop pitch.

– Get set in your X, feeling like your about to throw your fastball.

– As the back arm comes down with the ball, you want to think about tucking the elbow a little bit more behind the torso and then begin to lean into the pitch a little bit.

– Snap down and across into the left leg or inside of the thigh, and then rotate the whole body through.

** You may get pitches that go over the top more, or you may get some that curve. Ideally, you want to get a pitch that curves and drops at the same time. Think Curve FIRST and then Drop LATER.


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