I find these two drills offer an effective softball practice that your players will have fun with as well.   Adding the element of competition always enhances your players investment in the practice.

Baserunning Game Drill
I do this game where half the team is on 1st and half on 3rd.

There is a tee at home plate and one player from the first team gets up to bat. The player hits the ball off the tee and runs the bases until the other teams player touches the ball after running from the base to touch it.

The team with the most runs wins. I usually let them bat once to twice depending on time and the winning team doesn’t have to do something at the end of practice.

The players really like it and it’s conditioning and hitting practice. This is a drill you can tweak and change to fit the way you want it to go too.

Coaching Tip
Here is another softball coaching tip I use to teach proper throwing techniques.

I have the girls stand 15-20 feet across from each other feet, spread shoulder wide, facing each other.

Their mitt is on and the ball on one side. Have them twist to the right side, softball in glove (if they are right handed) and throw the ball ending up with the throwing arm   going across the body.