I created these fun softball drills to fill a gap!   Between games there can be a big lapse and I needed something to get the players hearts beating and awake again.

This softball drill got everyone involved, alert, and having a good time. It also got their hand eye coordination and teamwork brain cells working.

Circle Toss

1.   I had them arrange themselves in a large circle with their gloves on. Everyone must be about 3 to 5 feet apart.

2.   I gave the players 1 softball and asked them to toss it to the next person and make it go around the circle.

3.   Some of the younger players had a hard time at first but after about 3 minutes, it was traveling around pretty quick.

4.   Next I said change directions. They changed directions and I started saying “hot potato” and they sped up even more.

5.   Then I added another ball and said if that ball catches up to anyone, the person who it caught up to had to leave the circle.

6.   I added a third ball and changed directions a few times. It was really fun to see them get into it.