You’ve got a runner on third base and she’s about to score. What does she need to know about her leads, about tagging up and protecting herself in this position? Today’s Baserunning Essentials video blog post is all about leaving third base and heading for home plate!

Baserunning Essentials: Third Base to Home

The rocker lead is still going to be at the front of and outside of the base. But now, the lead is taken later — you are more conservative. Wait until the bottom of the pitcher’s circle before leaving the base. This will save you from any chance of an out to early.

Take your rocker lead, coming off and staying to the outside of your field line. If a batter hits a ball, and hits this runner, she is in foul territory and you won’t have any problems. If, however, the runner is inside the line and in fair territory, you will get an out.

You want to come off the ball, with control and watching the ball the entire time.

If the ball is in a fly, the runner should return to the bag and watch the ball. And this is instrumental to us — we think we have an advantage if we can time the catch with our lead.

If you allow your runners to start in a stationary position looking towards home plate and relying on the base coach, they are at a disadvantage because they cannot time their rock and they are starting cold. If you allow them to look at the ball, they can see that ball coming down and time their release from the bag.

If your runner needs to return to the bag for a tag, her foot placement is important as she prepares for her next release. The foot should be right at the edge of the base so that she can use it like a starting block, and her weight is back, with her hips back so she can explode to home plate.


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