These fun softball drills may be widely used already, but they are ones that always seems to work well with my players.

Ball Location Drill
Have them line up at second base with a coach on first.
Throw the girls a hard grounder which they have to then throw to first base.
After that, they need to run toward first, around the coach and back to second.

When they are coming back towards second, the coach throws a pop fly, which the girls have to locate and catch.

This helps them with ball location and foot movement.
The girls always seem to love this drill.

Three Balls- Third Base
Take 3 balls on third base line.
Spread them out about 10 ft from third base–1st ball 10 more ft, 2nd ball 10 ft, 3rd ball.

Now have a player on 1st and runners at home.
start with the player on third base. Say “go” and the runner takes off.
The 3rd base tries to throw 1 ball to 1st then back to 3rd base then to the 2nd ball back to 3rd then the 3rd ball.

Try to get all 3 balls before the runner get home.   This is a very fun drill and your players will love it.