In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down the double play, and demonstrating some specific mechanics that will give your team a killer softball defense!

 Softball Defense & Double Plays from Second Base

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a shortstop or the second base covering second base, the player needs to get there on time and not take their time trying to time the throw. It’s a “get there in a hurry” situation so you’re set up.

The left side of the diamond to the second baseman.

  • She’s going to approach the ball and the bag, step with the left foot on the bag.
  • From this position, we catch the ball. We want the glove on our throwing side, so all we have to do is catch it.
  • We’re going to step back, push away, and open up the hips, with the lead foot toward the target. We do this for two reasons – for good throwing technique and for prevention of injury. If I try to release the ball in this position, use a side arm throw or even try to come over the top, it will not be a strong throw. Plus what happens is I’ve left the leg vulnerable to an injury, like the runner coming in and hitting it. So it’s very important as you practice to really turn the hip to first base. Toe points, knee points. Regardless of which double play you’re using, make sure you end up in this position.


Coming across the bag.

  • You simply step across the bag with your right foot, hit, and then as you go across, you step with your left. So it’s right foot and step across. The advantage to the first method above, is it’s a little more accurate, there’s less timing. Here, you’ve got to time it, come across, pivot, and come across your body.
  • The main idea about double plays is to get there quick and direct, so you don’t have to go different directions or stop your momentum.


Second base, covering, shortstop, going to approach the bag.

  • Normally, you’re playing a little bit deeper so you’re going to be approaching more from the centerfield side.
  • Plant the right foot, and step with your left foot toward right field. As you’re doing that, you’re turning, you can drag, and then you can come on over the top and throw. So the timing is basically you’re going to step, step, drag, and get rid of it. Get the foot and hips turned.


If you can get there, show the target to your teammates early enough and where you want it, double play’s not that difficult to make.


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