Box Ground Ball Drill


In this defensive drill, players stand about 20 feet apart and roll ground balls to each other and then rotate, so they get practice fielding from the different positions.

Set up

Four players will form a small square about 20 feet apart from each other

The extra players will form a line behind the player near home plate


1.  On ‘go’ the player near home will roll their ball fast and hard towards the player at third base, who fields the ball and rolls it to the player at second base. Each time a player rolls the ball, they replace the position they just rolled to. For example, when the home plate player rolls the ball to third base, they replace the player at that base. When the players rolls to second base, they go there.

2. The only exception, when a player rolls home, they go to the end of the line at home plate and wait their turn to come around again.

Coaching Tips

Players need to stay down low
Fielders need to knock down every ball.
Players need to get their bodies in front of the ball
Players need to shuffle their feet.

Make It Easier

Players can roll the ball slower to their group.

Make It Harder

Players roll the ball hard to their group.