Outfield Fly Ball Defense


Coach hits fly balls to outfielders in order to gain practice in fielding fly balls.

Set up

Batter (coach), mitts, bases

Players in ready position in the outfield


1.  Coach is at home plate, hitting balls to outfield positions.

2. Players are in ‘ready’ position.

3. Players will chase the fly ball, attempting to catch the ball in the air.

4. If the fly ball isn’t caught, players should be getting their mitts down on ground balls with
their bodies in front of them.

Coaching Tips

Outfielders need to track the ball properly to avoid it going over their heads
Players need to get their bodies in front of the ball.
Players need to be alert; think before each play, “If the ball gets hit to me, where am I throwing  it?”

Make It Easier

Coach should attempt to hit balls directly to the players.

Make It Harder

Coach should hit the balls in a challenging way to the players.