I like to end my girl’s softball practice with a game of running the bases and hitting. It’s good for conditioning and the players don’t seem to notice!

End of Practice Drill – Hitting & Running the Bases
1) I divide the team into 2; 1 offense the other defense.
2) The defensive team splits into 2 teams and goes to 1st and 3rd base.
3) The offensive team will each get 1 at bat and regardless of where the ball is hit
must run and touch as many bases as possible. They are awarded 1 point for every
base touched.
4) The defensive team must have a player from 3rd and 1 from 1st base chase the ball
to record an out.
5) Batter is out when both defensive players touch the ball.
6) Defensive players can only touch the ball, no throwing or passing
the ball to each other.
7) The coach can pitch or throw soft toss for this drill.

Players get in base running, conditioning, and enjoy the game so much that practice can last another 20 minutes or so without them knowing it.