In today’s video blog post, we are discussing 2 great hitting drill ideas, and some essential tips to ensure proper accuracy and balance on the hit.   These hitting drill ideas are great for players with any level of experience.

“Balance and Jump” Hitting Drill

This hitting drill emphasizes maintaining proper balance of your body throughout the swing.

  • Using a standard tee and your normal swing, hit the ball & remain balanced through the entire swing
  • Once you complete the swing, take a small vertical jump to test your balance
  • If you’re not balanced throughout the follow through, or if you spin off the ball or are diving off the plate, you will not be able to make the vertical jump
  • Additionally, if you lock out either leg, you will also not be able to make the vertical jump
  • The athlete wants to stay grounded and flexed throughout,   so they will be ready to make that vertical jump at the end of their swing.

Blind Hitting Drill

This hitting drill is a kinesthetic feedback drill, which means the body is going to tell the mind where to swing.   This drill emphasizes balance and body awareness.

  • First, the athlete will hit the ball off of the tee with her eyes open, so she can see herself hitting the ball
  • The second time she hits the ball, she is going to close her eyes and rely on her body’s instincts to hit that ball up the middle into the soft net
  • Alternate repetitions between having the eyes open and closed


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