Here are two indoor softball drills I like to use with my team. One drill, Wall Ball, works on fielding, footwork, eye-hand coordination and agility. The Star Drill is great for baserunning skills.

Wall Ball —

Have fielders stand in line behind each other facing a wall which is about 15 feet away.   You will need an Incrediball for this drill.   The person in front of the line will start with the ball.   She will throw the ball against the wall and run to the end of the line.

The next girl in line will have to field the ball, throw it against the wall and run to the end of the line for the next girl to field.   Repeat.

Encourage the girls to challenge each other with different types of throws against the wall.   Make sure the fielders field the ball with proper fielding fundamentals and jump into their footwork after they field it.

Star Drill –

The coach will hit the ball to the second baseman, who will then throw it to the third baseman, then the first baseman, then the shortstop, who then throws it home.

There is a runner who starts at home plate and runs when the ball is first hit by the coach. The runner continues to run while this star drill is going on.

The ball must get to all positions in the star before the runner gets to home plate.   Repeat with the ground ball being hit do a different fielder.

The fielder always throws where they did in the original drill but all points of the star must be closed before the runner reaches home.