second base kids softball drillsDuring this blog post, we’re going to take a look at second basemen ground ball drills you can use when coaching kids softball. These drills will get your second basemen ready for game time.

Kids Softball Ground Ball Series – No Throw

The purpose of the ground ball series with no throw is for your second baseman to work on the mechanics of a nice wide base and staying low to the ball.

For this series, you should have a player throw ground balls to your second baseman so that she can work on scooping up the ball. Right now, she’s not going to worry about throwing that ball to another baseman–it’s all about her focusing on the mechanics of scooping up that ball with the right form.

Here are a few things for you to remind your second baseman to pay attention to during this drill:

  • Transferring and switching her weight depending on where the ground ball is thrown or hit
  • Keeping the head down and the glove out in front

The reason we isolate this drill and work just double-play footwork is to give them a large volume of balls without throwing, so they can save their arms when we start doing game-like drills. The drill is to allow the second baseman to work her footwork.

Kids Softball Ground Ball Series with Throw

After you focus on the ground ball series with no throw and feel that your baseman has mastered the mechanics, it’s time to incorporate a throw.

When your baseman is close to the base, she can also go ahead and do a shovel toss out the side of her body. The key is making sure the hand doesn’t go above the shoulder with a consistent release point. Each second baseman has to do a good job of judging their distance when they’re going to actually make a three-quarter throw and when they’re going to do a shovel toss.

After working on the three-quarter throw and shovel toss, have your second baseman work the hard shot, that’s right at her, and turning and doing a three-quarter pivot and a throw.

Next, work on the second baseman drill series where she throws across the infield to third base, using the short, medium, and the long throw. During this series, have your baseman focus on setting her feet up to the target. The base is the most critical part when throwing strikes to your intended target.

Next, work on the ground ball series with the second baseman throwing home. The key here is you’ve got to throw a strike to the catcher, keep her in the chute and, preferably, throw that strike on the tag side. Throwing home is a longer throw as a second baseman, so you’ll notice that when the second baseman does start to throw, she’s got to come over the top a little bit more because she’s got that long throw.

Next, work on the second baseman ground ball series where they’re actually going to set their feet, field the ball, and throw a strike to first base.

The key is to have your second baseman spend enough time practicing throwing to all three bases so that when game time comes, she’s ready for whatever situation she may be faced with.

After spending sufficient time throwing to the bases, have your second baseman work on throwing strikes across the infield.

Do you spend a good amount of time working on drills for each of your basemen when coaching kids softball? Do you think you’ll use these softball drills during practice?