Check out these 3 killer softball pitching drills for accuracy that we have compiled!   Use them in your next practice and then come back and share your results!

Softball Pitching Drills — “Hit the Bucket” Drill

  • Pull out first base and put a 3-4 ft wooden pole (old broomstick or shovel handle) into the base peg hole and put a bucket over the top of the stick.
  • Have the players stand at 2nd base position, SS, 3’rd base position and make throws to first base trying to hit the bucket.
  • The first 2 players to hit the bucket gets to be team captains for the scrimmage that day.

Softball Pitching Drills — “Around the Horn” Drill

  • Have 2 teams of   5 players — 1 player at each infield position including catcher (but not pitcher).
  • Have the catcher throw to 3rd who throws to   2’nd who throws to SS who throws to 1’st   who throws to catcher.
  • Do this 5 times.
  • Each dropped or errant throw costs that team a point the team with the least points wins.

Softball Pitching Drills —“Handkerchief Reach”

  • Pitchers perform their normal pitching motion, without any softballs.   While watching their mechanics, the coach will see where their front foot (delivery) foot lands and where their delivery hand lands.     Mark that spot.
  • Now take out a handkerchief (or towel) and have the coach stand directly in front of the pitcher.   Tell the pitcher to do the pitching motion again, but this time to “hit” the handkerchief with their “pitching hand”. Repeat this activity, but each time, the coach moves a distance farther from the pitcher.
  • After about 2 -4 times, the pitcher has increased the “delivery distance” and “stretched further down/over”.   I have had pitchers add between 2 & 4 feet to their delivery motion and “end-up” distance. This has increased velocity,   improved mechanics, etc.


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