In today’s video blog, you’ll learn about 2 great pitching drills that work well for all aged players.

One Knee Drill

The one knee drill helps your players work on the concept of keeping their weight back when throwing and pitching the ball. The purpose of this drill, and a very important point to teach your pitchers, is that the shoulders do not move at the same time the ball is thrown. What happens is her arm needs something to pull against when she releases the ball, so if her shoulders are moving and her body is moving forward at the same time she is releasing the ball, there is no resistance, and her really needs something to pull against when she releases. So when properly executing a pitch, the pitcher pulls against her own body, and creates her own resistance.

Wrist Snap Drill

Another pitching drill that’s terrific for younger players is the Wrist Snap Drill. This drill allows your much younger players (8 and under) to learn and get comfortable with how the ball feels when it rolls off the fingers.

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