Today, we continue our softball baserunning discussion with a quick exercise called “Run and Check from 1st Base”.

Softball Baserunning: Run and Check from 1st Base

The most important thing for your athlete to remember is that as she gets onto first base and takes her lead for 2nd, at about half way between 1st and 2nd base, she is going to take a check over her left shoulder to look at the 3rd base coach who will direct her to come to third, or hold up at second.

You can practice this important baserunning skill with your players, by having them run through the drill set in the video above. Not only will this drill improve their baserunning skills, but it will also work on communication and trust between athlete and coach.

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    • Jodi Murphy

      Good base running can make or break a game. Getting players into scoring position means a single can end in a run, as opposed to just moving players forward. But base runners need to be smart and know when to hold up and when to make a break for it.

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