Rhythm and Timing is an important factor to creating fluidity in the swing.   Sometimes in the game, we have a tendency to be overanxious in our swing. When we press, we get stiff and we lose our cadence or our rhythm. If you don’t have rhythm in the swing, you’re going to have trouble being consistent as a hitter. In today’s blog post, I am going to share an excellent hitting drill that you can use to work with your hitters on maintaining their rhythm and cadence in any situations – the  Side Partner Toss Hitting Drill.

Breaking Down the  Side Partner Toss Hitting Drill:

  • First, swing with no ball, just working on your rhythm.
  • Focus on whipping the barrel of the bat through the zone.
  • Next, have a partner toss the ball into the strike zone from the side of the hitter.
  • You want to work on emphasizing that the hitter never stops their cadence or the rhythm in the swing.
  • It’s important that the partner also learns that cadence or timing so the hitter never stops her rhythm or the pace at which she back swings into her ready position.
  • The hitter needs to be sure she’s relaxed and comfortable in her swing. Because when she’s comfortable in her swing, she will have good hitting results.
  • Don’t focus on the stride, but instead focus on the rhythm of the bat in conjunction with the upper body.


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