Here are my softball batting tips. They are designed to build hellacious bat speed and power! Give them a try, you’ll be amazed.

Bat Speed & Power
Using whiffle balls (or real softballs if you have a L-screen) get about 40 feet away from the hitter and toss the balls in the strike zone.

Here is the key, the hitter has a weighted doughnut on the bat. This forces the hitter to use her whole body, hips, shoulders and hands to even hit the ball.

It forces the hitter to also control the barrel of the bat and not it to drop below the hands.

More keys to the drill:
1) Hitter must learned to stay balanced throughout the swing
2) Hitter must hit, recover, hit recover as the pitches should come fairly rapidly.
3) once a hitter builds some strength etc, add another doughnut, so he/she has two, then after 10 swings go down to one.
4) Finish off this hitting drill by removing all weight and take a final round and watch what happens!

Hitters can also do it on their own off of a tee into a net.