These are some of my favorite softball batting tips that I have used over the years.  The kids love them and their hitting skills improve tremendously.

Increased Batting Power
One drill that I use to help increase bat power is having the players swing through an old football tackling dummy.  Even though they cannot maintain the same speed throughout the swing, I always emphasize the importance of finishing the swing and holding the finishing pose.  This drill has really helped our team’s bat speed.

Variety Drill
Here’s a quick batting drill we do. I throw the ball up and let the kids hit the ball into a net, the fence, or whatever. The catch is that we start with softballs, then tennis balls and finally with ping pong balls.

After a while of that combo we mix it up so the batter now has to have a keen eye on the target and a quick reflex on when to swing at the target.

Marshmallow Pitch
Here are a couple of things I’ve tried at my practices for softball hitting drills and rec’d positive feedback from players and parents.  Telling kids to “keep your eye the ball” gets a little monotonous after awhile.  Try pitching marshmallows.

They’re small and hard to hit and the kids have a great time trying to hit them.  I’ve also used different colored water balloons and made them yell out the color of the balloon as they try to hit it.

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    • kirsten

      In my years of playing ball, my coaches have always used softball sized wiffel balls. The object is to put random numbers on the ball, and when the ball is tossed and hitting the ball yell out the number that is on the ball. This is a great drill, and works very well.

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