Softball Catching Progression For Young Players

Today, I want to talk about the softball catching progression that most kids go through when they are trying to field.

A lot of you are coaching younger kids and the first time they start catching the ball, they are catching glove down, and using their body — or their face! – to make the catch, and all of the sudden, baseball doesn’t seem like much fun anymore.

But we can’t immediately try to train them to catch glove up either, or else they try to catch everything glove up. And when they try to catch low, they are going to miss and the ball goes in the dirt. And all of the sudden, baseball doesn’t seem like much fun anymore.

Young players need to learn that any catch above the waist is made glove up, and any catch below the waist is glove down. Your job as a coach is to progress them through that learning curve of knowing when to turn the glove over to make that catch. Here are 2 great softball catching drills to help you do that!

Glove Positioning Drill

This is a simple way for you to begin to teach the softball catching progression to your players.

  • Begin with the glove up high
  • Bring the glove straight down in front of your body
  • At about mid-stomach, it is going to feel “weird” in the wrist, and when it feels that way, this is when you flip the glove over.

Backhand or Catch In Front?

After your players are comfortable with turning the glove, you can move on to teaching them which catches should be made backhand and which should be caught in front of you.

  • Begin with your glove up high
  • Bring the glove down the “glove side” of your body in a circle, with your arm extended the entire time
  • Continue down and across your legs, and as soon as it feels “weird”, you flip the glove over, and any catch from the point on continuing the circle would be a backhand catch.


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