Try these softball coaching tips to motivate and build confidence in your players.   For some kids it is difficult to hit to the opposite field.   The first tip is a drill I use to help the hitters confidence and teach that they can hit to the opposite field with their regular swing and stance. The next drill is to help with their swing.

Confidence Builder
For right handed hitter, I set up an L screen on the infield between the pitchers mound and 3rd base, about 40 feet from the plate..   The batter stands in the box as if the pitcher was throwing from the mound.

I then throw aiming for the outside part of the plate.   The hitter looking straight ahead (at the mound not the L screen on the side) tries to pick up the ball with her peripheral vision and hit to the opposite side. Hit with their regular stance and swing.

Teaches patience, delayed swing and that don’t have to hit inside out to hit to the opposite field.

Soft Toss Swing
My players tend to use a lot better form when we are hitting soft toss than when they are hitting live pitching, so before each game instead of going to the cage to warm up, I throw about 25 balls soft toss (whammy) to each of them to get their swings ready for the game.

They seem to have better cuts during the game with this.