This year one of my drills was actually a drill I call Duck Duck Goose. It is the same game as Duck Duck Goose except the circle is the ENTIRE INFIELD where the kids sit from home plate all the way around every base–first, second and third.

Softball Duck Duck Goose
The game is played the same way as the children’s game except they have to slide into their spot and call “time out” before they can sit upright.

If they get caught then they go into the center and talk up a good game to the girls, cheering them on as they run, (and they do get loud).

This gets their speed up, sliding into the bases and cheering your team on as well as communication.

I do this about once every 5 or 6 practices and they love it.

Softball Coaching Tip:
A good fundamental drill that we use for kids who are afraid of the ball is to take their legs away.

We put the players on their knees and hit them softballs.   They can’t get out of the way,   so they are forced to keep their head down.   We do this for several reps and then give them their legs back.   This has worked at every age.