In today’s video blog post, we are featuring 2 excellent fielding drills. The first focuses on fielding the foul ball, and the second focuses on a great 3 man relay drill to work on fielding ground balls. “Like” if you want to see more videos like this one!

Foul Ball Fielding Drill

This drill simulates the outfielder making a foul ball catch on the fence. The setup for this drill is very beneficial, in that the thrower can later become the fielder, and keeping her same position, she would be running the drill as a right-fielder, instead of a left-fielder. So you can set your fielders up in this manner, and have your left handed players with their free hand against the fence, and the right fielders working with their glove hand against the fence. In this setup, everyone can be working on this drill at the same time.

3 Man Relay Fielding Drill

This is a three man drill that uses cones. This drill really allows your players to get the feel for opening up to take the angle on a ground ball.

2 players stand side by side and one player begins the drill by drop step, around the cone, field the ball and back to the thrower. The next person takes off, and the thrower then tosses to her, and then takes her place. So now they are going to start rotating from one side of the cone to the other, so that everyone has an opportunity to get comfortable with the different angles.


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