We can all use new softball free drills and practice games to liven up our practices.   Here are three fun games to do with your players so that practice is productive AND fun.   You’ll find your players asking for these again and again.

Throwing Manmaker Race
Split the players into two or three teams, each team has a ball witch the second player holds. Cones or gym lines can be used(4 or 5).
The first person in each line runs to the first cone, turns and receives a ground ball, throws back to #2 player then runs back to start, tags the ground and continues to the next cone. She receives throw and throws back to #2 player and runs back to start, tags the ground.

You get it–do all the cones run to the back of the line and this person (first to run) will be the last to throw for this team. The team with the least errors (poor throws) usually wins.

Spider Drill
Spider drill for the infield; this is to work on throws on double plays. 3rd throws to 2nd, 2nd throws to 1st, 1st throws to short covering 2nd, short throws to 1st, 1st throws to 3rd and the process is repeated for ten minutes. Players can take different angles to make different throws. This drill should be done at full speed for the entire ten minutes.

Relay Drill
Form two even lines along the right field line, and place two balls, for each group, 10 yards out from the right field line (or front of the line).   The first person in each line runs and grabs the ball, and runs back to give to the next person in the line, and that person runs out and puts the ball back down, and runs back to the line for the next person to run.   First team to finish wins.