In today’s video blog post, we are going to go over some simple change-up softball pitching points to remember.

Change-Up Softball Pitching Points to Remember!

Once your players get their basic fundamentals down, and they can throw a good, hard fast ball, and hit their spots with it, you can start working on change-ups.

As you are watching your players warmup and do a short drill with the change-up, you want to make sure you see your pitcher getting into a good fielding position when they are done throwing. Do not sacrifice the pitch to get into the fielding position. The best way to do that is to actually have them pitch, and then you it ground balls to them. Remember, your pitchers are also fielders and they need to know how to take ground balls and throw to base.

Good mechanics will increase your pitchers speed. Focusing on the leg drive, good arm speed, throwing from distances and speed drills, increasing the wrist snap with the weighted ball will all increase your pitchers speed, as well as increasing your pitchers strength.
When it comes to accuracy vs. speed, at a young age, if you focus on good mechanics and a strong throw, the accuracy should come right along with them as they grow.

A good example of how to set a practice for your pitcher is to begin by working with and without a weighted ball, and then work the fastball and fastball hitting spots. Throw counts and work on sets, and then work on the change-ups.


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