Isometrics are a type of strengthening exercise where the muscles are put in static positions, instead of being dynamic through a range of

This bat speed drill is GREAT for building strength in the arms and shoulders, and will quickly translate into a quicker bat.

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The hitter stands in his or her batting stance, holding a bat, in front of a fence pole or similar object.

Her front foot should be lined up with the post.   (see image below)


1. The hitter starts by extending her arms into a position where she would make contact with a down the middle pitch – in the middle of the plate and lined up with her front foot.

2. On the coaches signal, she pushes against the fence with as much force as she can muster, keeping the arms fully extended, the head down, and the lower body in an athletic position.

3. Complete 3 sets of 30-45 seconds.

Coaching Tips

– This bat speed drill requires a lot of focus and concentration, and can be strenuous on the hitter’s energy system. Allow adequate rest between each set so the hitter can attack the exercise with 100% intensity each time.

– Take this opportunity to teach the concept of the “line of hitting” or “ideal contact points.”

Inside pitches should be struck at the front of the plate, middle pitches at in the middle of the plate, and outside pitches in the back half of the plate.

Position the hitter in the appropriate spot relative to the fence post, so she can simulate those ideal contact points in each phase of the drill.

– These isometric exercises can easily be performed during practice or at home. All you need is a bat and a pole!

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