I use this softball hitting drill for all levels from beginners thru high school.It is a fun way to learn bunting as well as quick hands for the infielders.

Bunt Game, Tourney Style!
Split up the kids into teams of 3

Use throw down base to make 4-5 “fields” in the outfield.
I make the bases anywhere from 25-40 feet apart.
Adjust accordingly to your players’ abilities.

  •       The defense is comprised of a first baseman, pitcher and third baseman.
  •       The offense must bunt the ball between the pitcher and the third base line. You can also set up cones or a string line a little left of the pitcher to make it more difficult for the hitters.
  •       Any ball popped up is an out, whether it is caught or not.
  •       Any ball to the right of the pitcher is also an out.
  •       The third baseman must stay behind the base until the bunter makes contact.
  •       The pitcher makes a good crisp throw but must not throw too hard.   The idea is to bunt the ball, not strike people out from a short distance.
  •       A “run” is scored each time the offense reaches first safely.
  •       No runners stay aboard, their goal is to simply beat the throw at first.

We play 3 inning games and do it tourney style.

Every inning, rotate the defense so each kid plays each position once. Be sure to wear helmets.

The kids always enjoy the competition and want to do this drill every chance they get.   Great for infielders to practice quick hands and an excellent way to get plenty of reps in for bunting.   Every year the girls talk about who won the bunt tourney!