The Visual System of the Body refers to visual cues, depth perception and field of vision. In today’s video blog post, we are discussing how the visual system of the body plays into your softball hitting mechanics.

Softball Hitting Mechanics and the Visual System of the Body

The eyes are the strongest tool in your body, and by understanding how the eyes play into your hitting, you can greatly improve your mechanics.

Visual Cues

You can pick up physical visual cues from the pitcher that will tell you what needs to happen in your physical swing.   By watching the pitchers movements, you can anticipate and set up your swing to execute successfully.

Field of Vision

When in the batters stance, the pitcher is in your strongest field of vision, and you want to see third base as well as first base in your peripheral vision. As a hitter, you struggle to keep the ball in the strongest field of vision when you swing, so all of the habits you develop in your hitting mechanics need to be geared towards trying to keep the ball in the strongest area of your field of vision all the way through the contact area.

Depth Perception

Depth Perception is the ability for your eyes to decipher when you want to start your swing, based on where the ball is, and the physical habits you develop as a hitter are going to determine how well you can perform this task.


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