Here are a couple of softball outfield drills that we use often.   The first one I call Track Toss and it works on hand/eye coordination and teamwork. The next drill, Make Your Call, focuses on outfield and team communication.

Track Toss
For hand-eye coordination and conditioning and teamwork.
Players line up single file and jog around the outfield (or track or any large area). Front person tosses ball back over her head to 2nd person and so on to the end of the line.   When the last person receives the ball she sprints to the front of the line with the ball and tosses to the 2nd person and so on.   This continues until all players have sprinted to the front of the line once.

a). Run for a specified length of time instead of until all players sprint.
b) Add a minute (or some other increment) to the time each time the ball is dropped.   The real young players can be pretty sloppy at this at first so be careful to keep it fun!

Make Your Call
Divide players into 2 groups.
One group in right field, one group in left field.
1 player from each group comes to right center and left center.
Coach hits fly ball between 2 players.

Players must call for the ball (communicate), one going for the ball, the other backing up.

If player who calls for the ball does not get it that player is given some kind of motivational exercise (5-10 push-ups). If back-up player does not get a missed ball because they are not in the proper position then motivational exercise is in order. (5-10 push-ups).   Ball thrown into relay or directly home.   Repeat with 2 more players.